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Tim is a terrific guy. Always happy to help and get involved. Tim is the treasure and balances the books with a hectic family life and a busy work schedule. With so much going on, he sometimes gets frustrated when cash is paid without paperwork, forms arrive without cheques and random payments appear on the bank statement. He spends his evenings trying to reconcile payments and his lunchtimes dashing to the bank. Each month, Tim has to pull everything together and report to the committee - this can be a struggle when time is tight and payments disorganised.

Tim was tired with time consuming tasks and wanted a system that would:

  • Provide a quick and easy way for members to pay online so cash and cheque payments are minimised and he doesn't have to make endless trips to the bank.
  • Allow offline payments to be recorded so he can keep all payment information in one place.
  • Reconcile payments for him so he has more free time.
  • Provide a clear audit trail of what has and hasn't been paid so there can be no misunderstandings.
  • Produce up-to-date payment reports at a click of a button that he take to the next committee meeting.

Then Tim met Dave. Dave sympathised with Tim because he knew the pain and frustration of being a treasurer - that's why he built - to help good eggs like Tim who give up their free time.

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With subscription management software:

As members pay, funds get electronically transferred to the club and payments reconciled automatically


Can we see a breakdown of how much has been received by different payment methods?

Yes plus see a report of who has paid by each payment method too.

Do we receive an alert when a member pays online?

Yes, you receive a detailed email showing how each transaction is made up (a transaction can be made up of multiple payment requests).

Does hold any of our funds?

No, at no time do we hold any funds. Card payments are transferred instantly to your PayPal account and initial Direct Debit payments (UK Customers only) take 6 working days to process through the BACS system and 3 days for each transaction thereafter.

Payment reminders are automated which helps reduce admin and increase payment collection rates


Offline payments can be recorded on the system so all subscription income is kept in one place


Payment reports can be shared, printed and exported

Subscription management oftware export financial information

Can we gives access to other committee members to view the data?

Yes. With subscription management software, access to each feature and function can be switched on or off with options to edit or just view data.

Does share our information with third parties?

No. We do not sell, rent, lease your data to anyone.

With payments coming in online and the reconciliation work being done for him, Tim has more time to spend with his family and do the things he enjoys. Want to be like Tim? Register today for your free trial or access our free resources below

We guarantee to reduce membership admin and improve payment collection rates !