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Meet Tom. Tom loves coaching but hates admin. He's forever being chased by the club for forms and money. Months come and go and still half his squad haven't registered or paid. Tom just wants to focus on what he does best - coach!

Tom's also a bit forgetful. He often forgets his folder containing important information about his squad like medical conditions, allergies and emergency contact info.

Tom would love a system that:

  • Allows members to register and pay online so he doesn't have to collect forms and have the responsibility of holding on to money.
  • Collects smaller payments like weekly fees so he doesn't have the hassle of collecting cash and keeping track of who owes what.
  • Allow him to access his members information online via his smartphone so if he does forget his folder, he has a back-up.
  • Allows him to send group emails to his members so he can be sure everyone is in the loop.

Tom met Dave. Dave coaches too so he knew the hassle of keeping track of who'd registered and paid what. Dave realised the old way of managing the membership was out of date and with the help of the world wide web, the process could be made so much easier for everyone. So Dave built to help people like Tom.

With sports club software:

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Members can submit forms and pay online

Sports club software - members login

Can we limit the number of people that can register for our squad online?

Yes. Each membership category, class or course can have a limit on the number that can join.

Can we vet new members before allowing them to join?

Yes. The system gives the option of taking payment at the point of registration or vetting and approving them first.

Request small regular payments, like weekly subs. Members can pre-authorise future payments
so each time you want to collect payment online, you can!

Sports club software - requesting weekly subs

Sometimes we need to collect cash from the squad to pay for things on the day, therefore we don't always want to take payment online for weekly subs. How does the system manage this?

Simple. Just record on the system who paid cash on the day (see screenshot above) and anyone who didn't but owes, the system will collect the money automatically from them.

Can we vary the amount owed by members?

Yes. Our sports club software allows you to request different amounts from different members and record part payments too.

View up-to-the minute reports to see who has and hasn't paid



Important membership information can be accessed online via a smart phone.



The club can send group emails and reminders directly to the members
without the need for managers / coaches / captains getting involved



Quickly and easily send group emails to your squad

Sports club software - group email

So now Tom's club uses sport club software and:

  • Coaches spend more time coaching.
  • Safeguards are improved.
  • Money reaches the club quicker so cashflow is improved.
  • Parents are happy because communication is improved.
  • More helpers have come forward knowing they won't be burdened with the hassle of administration.

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We guarantee to reduce membership admin and improve payment collection rates !