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“Pay Subs Online has really helped to streamline our membership and subscription processes and keep our membership information up-to-date. The advice and support I have received through the setting up, going live and on-going since the introduction of our online payment system has been first class. We would most definitely recommend them.” Edinburgh Athletic ClubTake the Tour » membership software helps organisations save time managing members and money by providing the right tools for the job. The system has been designed with complete flexibility so it works for any organisation that needs to manage payments from multiple people, so whether you help run a club or a charity, a business or a governing body, Pay Subs Online can help.

  • From the day we went live with money started flowing in instantly. Our members enjoy the convenience of paying online and when they do the system reconciles the payments automatically so we spend much less time on admin.

    With the majority of our members ‘on email’ sending out renewal notices is quick and easy and much more cost effective than buying stamps and stuffing envelopes.

    The payment reports provide a perfect view of who’s paid and tools to remind those who haven’t.

    The service we’ve received from has been first class. They have always been prompt, friendly and helpful. They are available whenever and for however long we need them and they continually update the service with enhancements and new features.

    We look forward to a long standing relationship with and would highly recommend them to any membership organisation looking to improve efficiencies.

    English Chess Federation

    Using Pay Subs Online means that we no longer have envelopes with cash and cheques and memberships forms stashed away in drawers waiting for processing by the membership secretary and treasurer.

    We no longer deal with cheques that are past their valid dates because they were misplaced.

    Members data is secure and available to the right committee members on demand. It's a one stop shop data warehouse for the club.

    Havering ’90 Joggers

    With over 1,000 members, Surbiton Hockey Club is the largest hockey club in the UK. Managing membership renewals, processing new registration and collecting payments on this scale had become almost a full-time job before we turned to Pay Subs Online to help reduce our administration time.

    From the word go, Pay Subs Online were pro-active in setting up our account, importing our database and getting us ready for the switch to ‘go-online’. If there were any issues, they were there to quickly resolve them by phone or email.

    Members now pay online and when they do, the system updates their record. We can quickly see who has not paid and easily email them reminders. We also use the group email tool so we can keep members up-to-date with what’s going on in the club. With Pay Subs Online our members can also donate online using the site's fundraising features.

    We would definitely recommend them.

    Surbiton Hockey Club

    Pay Subs Online has really helped to streamline our subscription processes and keep our membership information up-to-date. The support and advice we received both during and after the set-up of our payment system has been excellent.

    British Psychosocial Oncology Society

    At RHC Cougars we needed to find an alternative solution to player registration and the collection of subs within the mini group. Our existing process of paper application forms, spreadsheets and the nightmare of reconciling payments was a large overhead which had to be performed in an annual basis.

    We looked at a few service providers and found that was exactly what was required. The benefits for us as a club was:

    • Reduced effort in managing player registrations
    • No need for reconciling accounts when payment is made online
    • Traditional payment methods could be recorded against players making offline payments
    • Improved communication through the group email capability
    • Event management was easier through the online system
    • Improved data protection

    Working with PSO has also been a pleasure. They were instrumental in helping us set up the site initially and helping us understand how we could benefit from the system.

    It had been such a great success that we are now busy moving our midi, ladies and senior sections onto Pay Subs Online.

    Thanks to Dave and the folks at PSO for making my life as coach and Youth Registration Officer a lot more easier.

    RHC Cougars RFC

    Thanks where credit is due to on making it a smooth transition from a paper system to be fully online.

    There were a few hickups at the start as we would expect but was resolved quickly with the support given.

    The club has now been setup online for over a year and would never go back to what we had before. Super efficient and a lot less admin. Highly recommended.

    Thurso United FC

    I have been involved with the same Community Amateur Sports Club for over 20 years and given that I also work full time, I had been looking for a provider of financial system that would allow me to manage our club membership records securely and a system which could make me not only more efficient but also more effective. I did carry out some research and eventually settled for Pay Subs Online.

    Trusting your club’s membership and financial data with an external provider is a serious matter and one the club did not take lightly. Our decision was influenced by a few referrals, a clear layout of the system involved, the cost (a reasonable registration plus a charge for each payment received) and we found the instructional videos helpful and the written material clear.

    We have just completed our first season with Pay Subs Online and we are delighted with the results. Firstly the support service provided is second to none and they have worked with us to develop and construct the forms from scratch. The system allows us to receive payments direct to our bank account, therefore, eliminating these endless journeys to the bank to make deposits. As a tennis club we find the ability to distinguish between membership groups and coaching classes very helpful and moving members from one group to the other is straightforward.

    During the year we have also learnt (and use them) that we can raise ad hoc invoices, which is very useful to clubs who sell some merchandise and/or equipment or provide extra classes. We also find the group email feature very useful for our weekly updates which can include photo attachments. Another great feature is that it will allow for courses to be set up and for key people to have access to specific records. This is very useful when the person taking care of the administration is not the same individual as doing the coaching. We split these functions for financial stewardship and it works well for us.

    All in all, we have no hesitation in providing this testimonial and with a court booking system and a shopping cart on the projects pipeline it’s going to get even better.

    Thank you PSOL, your system does exactly what it says on the tin...pardon me, screen!!

    Hylands CASC (Tennis Club)

    I am very pleased to confirm we have received excellent service from the team at

    We have utilised the system so far mainly for the excellent 'Members Contact Management System' (CMS) potential.

    It has been particularly useful for us in monitoring our individual dojo instructors' compliance in terms of keeping their required CRB checks, Instructor insurance cover and First Aid certificates up to date. Instructors just go online and update as they renew each item and we periodically review compliance from HO.

    Instructors have also reported back that they find being able share the same information we hold on their own students' records online very useful. They can just as easily compose and send out an email to their entire local student base, as we can email our entire national membership from HO. Very useful for publicising events etc.

    One of the main attractions for us was it was so easy to configure the system so that individual members could sign in and access their own records to keep us informed of any changes in their residential address, email and or telephone contact details.

    Having worked with databases for the best part of 30 years, I know the main problem is keeping members motivated enough to keep their own records within the system up to date. It is a thankless task, but between the efforts of HO and local dojo instructors, the system offers an effective method of testing the accuracy of the data held ... we can just send out a newsletter and refer any bounce backs to the individual instructor to investigate what has happened.

    Maintaining the accuracy of the contact details we store is important for us for three reasons:

    1.We have a high percentage of members below the age of 18. We feel that unless we can at any point in time confidently identify who are our active instructors, assistant instructor, children and vulnerable adults, we cannot demonstrate we are complying with our legal obligations under the Protection of Children and Vulnerable regulations.

    2.We of course need accurate contact details for renewing our annual membership fees.

    3.Thankfully they are extremely rare, but if we do have a training accident, it is possible for any authorised person to access the casualties' personal records on any web-enabled mobile device and identify next of kin and any relevant pre-existing medical condition the member has informed us of (e.g. allergies to antibiotics or anaesthesia, diabetes, asthma or heart conditions).

    We have tested the online payment system and we will be going live in the next few weeks.

    I hope that has given you the confidence to explore the system further.

    The English Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Association

    "When I took over as the membership secretary for Dulwich CC just over a year ago, I was daunted at the prospect of registering 400+ colts for winter nets, club membership and our summer coaching programme, particularly given a fees regime providing for sibling discounts and differentiated nets fees.

    I need not have worried. The Pay subs Online system, which had been implemented the previous season, works very well and a prompt and efficient helpdesk service was on hand to assist me with queries (although the system is very intuitive, as a new user I found I often wanted to double check things). All but about 4 or 5 sets of fees were paid online through the system. Uncollected fees are now at a de minimis level.

    Equally as importantly, the system is a brilliant tool for managing data. As a former data protection practioner, I am very concerned about keeping records up to date and ensuring that access to personal details is provided to those who need it - but only on a "need to know" basis. Pay Subs Online enables us to restrict coaches' and age group managers' access by reference to groups of children and particular data fields. It also makes it very easy to collate anonymised data about our members in order to report diversity statistics to Surrey CCC and potential funding sources.

    Lastly, the system makes it very easy to export data to Excel on a tailored basis. We have found this very useful in creating up to date coaching registers (including contact details and details of medical conditions).

    I would not hesitate to recommend the system for other cricket clubs."

    Dulwich Cricket Club

    An excellent service that has massively improved club efficiency and income. Hugely impressed by the support team with my initial email query answered within minutes. Service is simple yet powerful, facilitating all our requirements.

    Brecon Triathlon Club

  • We have a complex tennis coaching programme covering several venues and involving over 200 kids. Keeping track of payments and keeping data up to date had become a gigantic task and we looked for a solution that would reduce the administration time, allow more than one administrator and enable easy email communication with parents/guardians.

    Pay Subs Online has become invaluable. Each group was set up individually with the very cooperative help from the team at Pay Subs Online and everyone received their personalised emails giving times, day of the week, coach, dates and payment due. All debit / credit card and PayPal payments were automatically recorded and it was easy for any of the administrators to pop into the system to record cheque or cash payments. It was also easy to identify and chase missing payments. The data is kept up to date by the parents. At the end of our first term (Easter 2013) we had no bad debts and ‘turning over’ into a new term was made very simple. All have now received their emails for the summer term and payments are flowing in again.

    Thank you Pay Subs Online!

    Tennisolutions (Tennis Academy)

    'Thames Turbo is a triathlon club based in South West London. We have approximately 250 senior and 100 junior members. Members can either pay annually in advance, or monthly, and there is a constant flow of new members throughout the year.

    We implemented Pay Subs Online at the start of our 2012/3 membership year. Throughout the setup process we had regular and helpful support from Dave and the team. When we asked for a custom membership card facility, it was developed and tested successfully within the timescales quoted. The transition from our manual payment system supported by an unwieldy spreadsheet to the Pay Subs Online system was relatively trouble-free, and we now have a much more streamlined process and system up and running. The membership and payment reports mean we can keep on top of who our members are and who is behind in payment - virtually no-one - and the time taken by the membership secretaries and me as treasurer overseeing the process has been dramatically reduced. Control over this aspect of our finances is also now much tighter. And last year I had to do the banking once per week; this year I have not had to visit the bank at all!

    We have used the system successfully for a one one-off event, and will use this facility more fully in the months to come. The system has now become an integral part of the way we run the club.'

    Treasurer - Thames Turbo Triathlon Club

    2 years ago Woking Hockey Club started using Since then, the improvement in the management of the membership database has been enormous.

    With the help of and the transparent reporting they provide, we’ve collected 100% of our subs for two years in a row.

    Email communication is straightforward allowing club managers to keep in touch with members as often as required.

    The help and advice from the team is fantastic - always there to help by phone and email. has saved us a lot of time compared with the old system of paper membership forms and cheques. Payment online is easier for the members and consequently we have more fully paid-up members each season.

    Woking Hockey Club

    Pay Subs Online has been extremely helpful towards reducing the time processing paperwork and visiting the bank. It also allows satellite clubs to pay without the club secretary having to attend all the sessions to collect fees. Payment reminders and emails have been a god send too.

    Aspire Springers

    Edinburgh Athletic Club has over 600 members and is one of the largest athletic clubs in Scotland. When I first took over the membership secretary’s role managing membership renewals, processing new registration and collecting payments on this scale was more or less a full-time job.

    I spent many months researching and testing numerous commercial packages before I decided to turn to Pay Subs Online to help reduce our administration time.

    From the outset Pay Subs Online were pro-active in setting up our initial account version to allow me to trial and test the various processes. I was very keen to develop a process which was compatible with my current systems and database, thereby allowing me to generate the reports etc. that committee members and coaches were familiar with. They were very receptive to suggested tweaks to the processes and if there were any issues, they were always at hand to quickly resolve them by phone.

    Our Members are now encouraged to pay online and when they do, the system updates their personal records. Very quickly we can identify who has not paid and easily generate E-mail reminders to them. I find the group E-mail facility to be a god send and recent tweaks to functionality make it even better. It is now our prime means of communication to our members. I am currently exploring the facility to receive donations and ‘Gift Aid’ as well as launching a new ‘200 Club’ to raise funds for the club.

    Pay Subs Online has really helped to streamline our membership and subscription processes and keep our membership information up-to-date. The advice and support I have received through the setting up, going live and on-going since the introduction of our online payment system has been first class.

    We would most definitely recommend them.

    Membership Secretary – Edinburgh Athletic Club.

    Pay Subs Online has helped us to be far more efficient in managing our members. It makes us look more professional, it saves us so much time, improves communication with our members and make the experience of managing the membership enjoyable!

    PSO is becoming more and more powerful; far more than just a membership database. And apart from the system, the staff are excellent in listening to feedback and provide immediate support when required. This is proof the system and support can be relied on and is worth taking the time to invest to help your club/organisation.

    Croydon Harriers Athletic Club

    Since we started using PaySubsOnline a few years ago, the value of the membership fees collected has increased substantially. The process is easy for members to understand and they can spread the cost over 10 months of the season. The renewals process is also a huge improvement over the old paper-based system that we previously used. has always provided friendly, one-to-one support to explain how to operate the system and minimise the burden of club administration.

    Oakham RFC

    After years of processing new memberships and renewals with paper forms and an old laptop for our local Athletic Club we took the leap to Pay Subs Online. Already we can see significant benefits from the system both in collecting fees but also in the ability to have targeted and easy email communication with members. The team at Pay Subs Online were extremely helpful in setting us up and we've been very pleased to have made the move

    Musselburgh Athletic Club was a pleasure to work with, they undertook and assisted in creating a very efficient online database saving the club many hours of re-organisation, the club and committee are very impressed with the work to date and comes highly recommended”

    Borderers Cricket Club

    We are a cycling club whose membership has grown considerably over the past few years. The old system of cheques, forms and spreadsheet was time consuming and cumbersome. Since automating the system with the task of storing, monitoring and joining has been so much easier and has made the job of membership secretary far less onerous. Pays Subs Online have always been a great help in sorting out problems quickly. I can strongly recommend

    Sotina Cycling Club

    I must admit to being concerned about setting up someone else to collect our Club membership fees with so many people willing to scam you but I need not have worried! Dave and Paysubsonline have been wonderful in setting up our complicated system for our Club and every penny is accounted for.

    For the majority of our 300 members it has been a dream using the system and Pay Subs Online is so helpful in ironing out any problems, issues or glitches that they or us have.

    We’re looking forward to a long and successful association and would recommend Pay Subs Online to any sports club.

    Rushmoor Saints Football Club

    Our membership has increased by 10% over the last two years, but thanks to Pay Subs Online the administrative overhead has fallen by 50% and our collection rate has risen to 100%.

    I would definitely not want to go back to the 'old way' of doing things!

    Leigh Tennis Club

    Pay Subs Online has considerably reduced the administration time required to collect all the information and payments of our Academy athletes.

    This reduction of workload has enabled us to spend more time focusing on athlete development allowing for more enjoyable and productive sessions.

    We would recommend Pay Subs Online for anyone looking to operate more efficiently.

    Lewes Athletic Club Academy

    At Romsey Town Youth FC we have 30 teams and a Soccer School which makes administration of players very challenging for the very limited team of volunteers who run the Club.

    Pay Subs Online has been great in reducing the amount of time we have to spend registering new members and collecting their subs.

    Most importantly, the support provided by Pay Subs Online is superb – they are never too busy to help and nothing is too much trouble! Thank you Pay Subs Online.

    Romsey Town Youth FC

    We are a continuously growing running club which meant an ever increasing workload to process new members and renewals.

    Pay Subs has slashed the time involved and with more than 80% of our members being on email, the renewal process could not be simpler.

    During the learning process, and ongoing, the support from Pay Subs has been 1st class.

    Shropshire Shufflers.

    Should have done this years ago. Saves time, effort and is a highly effective way of collecting membership subscriptions. It has transformed the club’s finances

    Woking and Horsell Cricket Club

We guarantee to reduce membership admin and improve payment collection rates !