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Harry is a busy guy, with a full time job and a busy social life, Harry's always on the go.

Harry loves to help out so volunteered to manage the membership but he doesn't have to wade through registration forms, send out renewals requests, type info in to spreadsheets and chase members for money. He wants to get the job done fast so he can spend more time on doing the things he enjoys.

Harry soon realised the old way of managing the membership was too time consuming and laborious and knew if things didn't change, they'd stay the same as they were so he wanted to find a new way to manage the membership where:

  • Members can renew and update their own info online so he doesn't have to spend hours updating spreadsheets.
  • New members can register online and their details are added automatically to the membership list so he doesn't have to re-type info in to spreadsheets.
  • Payment reports show up-to-date information on who has and hasn't paid.
  • Sending personalised group emails to members is quick and easy.
  • He could work on the go and not be tied to his home PC to manage the membership.

Then Harry met Dave. Dave knew how much time it took to manage the membership because he'd done it too. That's why Dave built - to help people like Harry spend less time on admin and more time doing the things they enjoy.

With membership management software:

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Renewal notifications can be sent out on one fixed date
(for example, 1st Jan) or on the anniversary of when members join


Who processes the payments when members pay online? comes fully integrated with two market leading payment facilitators; PayPal for card payments and PayPal transfers and GoCardless for Direct Debit payments (UK Customers only). does not hold any banking or card information on your club or your members. For more information on our payment facilitators, click here.

What happens to the money when members pay online?

When members pay by Card (or PayPal balance transfer), the money gets instantly transferred to the club's PayPal account. When accepting payment by Direct Debit, the first transaction by the member takes 6 working days to process through the BACS system and thereafter 3 working days. In all scenarios, membership management software deducts it's transaction fees (which include that of the payment provider) so the club receives the net amount. At no stage does hold any of your organisations funds or has access to any bank or card details of the organisation or members. Think of us as a membership management system wrapped around a payment engine.

Members can login to their account, update their info, pre-authorise future payments and pay (Direct Debit for UK customers only)


Can the system automatically collect payment when the membership fees become due?

Yes. For 'rolling memberships', members are required to pre-authorise future payments so each time their membership fees become due, payment is automatically collected reconciled.

Administrators can quickly and easily build forms so new members can register online


Can we embed the registration form in to our website?

Yes. This is done through a simple hyper-link, loading the page in an iframe on your web page (a 10 minute job for a webmaster). The same applies for the member login page and the events registration page.

Keep track of all financial information

Payment reports – membership management software’


Send personalised group emails



Administrators can manage the membership on the go using a PC, tablet or smart phone.


So now Harry has the right tools for the job he's got time back in his life to do the things he enjoys. If you'd like to spend less time on admin and more time doing the things you enjoy, try's membership management software for free today or access our free resources below.

We guarantee to reduce membership admin and improve payment collection rates !