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Membership database software

Meet Claire. Claire runs the membership team. It's Claire's responsibility to ensure the organisation:

  • Maintains accurate membership records
  • Increases membership numbers
  • Improves member retention rates
  • Maximises the value of the membership database

But Claire has a problem - their membership database software is out of the ark which means the team spend much of their time sending out renewals, inputting members details from registration and renewal forms and reconciling payments. There's little time left to focus on boosting membership numbers and increasing revenue.

Claire would love update her membership system so:

  • New members can register and pay online.
  • Renewal notifications are sent out automatically.
  • Payments are collected and reconciled automatically.
  • Administrators can see at a glance who has and hasn't paid.
  • Members can update their own information online.
  • It's quick and easy to send group emails.
  • Members can register for events online.
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Claire looked at the cost of developing her dream membership system but quickly realised that wasn't a viable option. She also trialed some of the 'Off the peg' solutions but none gave her then flexibility she needed. Then Claire met Dave. Dave understood the problems Claire had and told her about, a system he built to help organisations like Claire's modernise the way they manage their membership so they can spend less time on admin and more time increasing membership numbers.

With membership database software:

People can register and pay online and when they do, their details get added to the
membership database automatically


What online payment methods are available to members? membership database software comes fully integrated with two market leading payment facilitators; PayPal for card payments (and PayPal transfers) and GoCardless for Direct Debit payments (UK Customers only).

Can we embed the registration forms in to our existing website?

Yes. Using a simple iframe you can embed the registration page, the member login page and events page in to your existing website (10 minute job for a webmaster) meaning your marketing pages are now connected to your membership and events management system.

The system can keep track of when members renew and
will send out renewal notifications, collect and reconcile payments automatically


How does the system collect payment automatically?

When setting up membership categories on, you can set whether you want it auto-renew (ie. renews automatically on one fixed date, for example, 1st Jan or the 1st of each month or on the anniversary of when members joined). Membership categories that auto-renew require members to pre-authorise future payments so each time a payment is due, the system will automatically collect it.

Members can login to their account, update their info and pre-authorise future payments and pay(Direct Debit for UK customers only)


View up-to-the-minute payment reports to see who has and hasn't paid

Payment reports – membership software database

What happens to the money when members pay online?

When members pay by Card (or PayPal balance transfer), the money gets instantly transferred to the organisations PayPal account. When accepting payment by Direct Debit, the first transaction by the member takes 6 working days to process through the BACS system and thereafter 3 working days. In all scenarios, deducts it's transaction fees (which include that of the payment provider) so your organisation receives the net amount. At no stage does hold any of your organisation's funds or has access to any bank or card details of your organisation or members.

Is it just subscription payments we can request and receive?

No. You can request and receive payment for anything!

Can we record offline payments on the system, like cash, cheques and other payment methods?

Yes, offline payments can be recorded and the payment reports are updated accordingly so all your payment income is stored in one place.

Promote events and send targeted, personalised group emails to the members


Now Claire's organisation uses

  • The organisations marketing website and membership system are now seamlessly connected.
  • Claire's team spends less time processing paper forms and reconciling payments.
  • The membership team have more time to focus on recruiting new members and renewing existing ones.

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We guarantee to reduce membership admin and improve payment collection rates !