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Quick and easy fundraising ideas and tips

Meet Liz. Liz is the clubs fundraiser. Whether it's raising money for new equipment or to fund a project, Liz is your gal.

Liz is always looking for new easy fundraising ideas to raise money for the club but with a busy social and work life she needs to make sure she gets maximum return for the time she puts in. Liz really needs a system that she can access on the go and will help her monetize the membership. A system that she can reach out to the members with, encourage participation and accept payments but all she has is an old spreadsheet with half the members details missing.

Liz met Dave. Dave knew how important it was for clubs to raise money and how volunteers can struggle to find time to fundraise so Dave went about building - a system that helps clubs manage members and payments - perfect for fundraising!

Here’s some quick and easy fundraising ideas:

Setup and run a Supporters Club without the hassle of standing orders and manually
reconciling payments to see who's paid - the system automates the process for you!

What is a Supporters Club?

A Supporters Club, also known as a 100 Club, is a form of lottery with a pre-set amount of numbered 'tickets', e.g. 100 tickets for a 100 Club. This number can vary to suit the size of your organisation, e.g. 200 tickets for a 200 Club and so on.

Each month members pay a fixed subscription for their number. The number can either be of their choice, their membership number or a number allocated by the clubs administrator.

At the end of each month, paid up members are entered in to the draw for their chance to win a share of the pot. This is typically 25% for the winner, 10% for second and the net amount going to your good cause.

How much can we raise?

This depends on the size of your Supporters Club, how much you charge and how regularly. As an example, a Supporters Club with 100 members paying £5.00 (dollars or euros) a month can net your club nearly £4,000 a year. Now there's any easy fundraising idea!

How do members pay?

Members can pay using their Debit / Credit / Chargecard and for UK Clients, by Direct Debit. For recurring payments like a monthly Supporters Club, members are required to pre-authorise payments so each time money becomes due, the system can automatically collect payment.

How do we know which members have paid before we make the draw?

Before each draw, simply login to your account, go to the Payment Reports and click in to the Supporters Club. There you will see a list of paid up members that qualify for the draw. You can print or export these members and put them in to the hat for the draw.

Setup Donations Appeals so members can opt to make one-off or
regular donations when they register or renew

How does the club get the money?

Money is electronically transferred to the club as members pay. When members pay by card, the funds get sent instantly to the club's PayPal account (which they will need to have) and if members pay by Direct Debit, funds take 6 working days to work their way through the BACS system for the first transaction and 3 working days for each transaction thereafter. All transaction fees are deducted so the club receives the net amount.

Members can complete Gift Aid Forms that you can submit and export to the tax authorities

Can we export Gift Aid forms alongside payment information?

Yes. Financial information can be exported alongside members data so you can have a complete record to submit to the tax authorities.

Setup and broadcast events which members and non-members can register for online

Can we set up events with different categories, for example, an event with a members and non-members rate?

Yes. Each event can have multiple categories and you can set a different description and price for each category.

Can people buy tickets for other people?

Yes and you can set whether you want to capture information for those 'other people' or whether its just information on the main contact you need to record.

All fundraising payments are reconciled automatically and info can be printed or exported

So if you want to give the clubs bank balance a boost without making fundraising a full time job, download our free eBook 'A guide to online fundraising for clubs' that includes proven strategies to engage potential donors and 10 online easy fundraising ideas to get you started.

We guarantee to reduce membership admin and improve payment collection rates !