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Meet Tim. Tim is the treasurer. He spends his life balancing work, family life and the books for the club.

Tim's doesn't have much free time so gets frustrated when members give him cash without paperwork, forms arrive without cheques and random payments appear on the bank statement. He spends his evenings trying to reconcile payments and his lunchtimes in the bank.

Tim was tired with time consuming tasks and wanted a system that would:

  • Provide a quick and easy way for members to pay online so cash and cheque payments are minimised and he doesn't have to make endless trips to the bank.
  • Allow offline payments to be recorded so he can keep all payment information in one place.
  • Reconcile payments for him so he has more free time.
  • Provide a clear audit trail of what has and hasn't been paid so there can be no misunderstandings.
  • Produce up-to-date payment reports at a click of a button that he take to the next committee meeting.

Then Tim met Dave. Dave sympathised with Tim because he knew the pain and frustration of a club treasurer - he's seen it many times before, that's why he built - to help good eggs like Tim who give up their free time for the club.

With club treasurer software:

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As members pay, funds get electronically transferred to the club and payments reconciled automatically . Reports can be filtered by age group / team and squad too!

Club treasurer software - payment reports

How do we get notified when a member pays online?

You will receive an email from that gives a detailed breakdown of each transaction including information on which member the payment relates to, what it's for, the gross amount paid and the net amount received.

Who does use to process payments? comes fully integrated with two market leading payment facilitators; PayPal for card payments and PayPal transfers and GoCardless for Direct Debit payments (UK Customers only). does not hold any banking or card information on your club or your members. For more information on our payment facilitators, click here.

Payment reminders are automated which helps increase payment collection rates

Club treasurer software - payment reminders

Offline payments can be recorded on the system so all subscription information is kept in one place

Club treasurer software - recording offline payments

Can we get a report that gives a breakdown of how much has been paid by different payment methods?

Yes and you can also drill drown to see who has paid by each payment method.

Can we record part payments?

Yes you can record part payments and also change the amount due too.

Payment reports can be shared, printed and exported

Club treasurer software - exporting information

How can we reconcile payments made by PayPal with payments received in our PayPal account?

When a payment is received, club treasurer software will reconcile it against the member's record. However, if you want to reconcile each payment against monies received in your PayPal account, you can do so using the payment notifications emails or exporting payment information out of the system and include the transaction ID field.

How can we reconcile Direct Debit payments made through with our bank statement?

As with PayPal, the system will automatically reconcile payments against members records but if you if you want to then reconcile the payments against your bank statements, you can export payment information out of the system including the transaction ID that will reconcile with the reference on the bank statement.

Can we give ‘view only' access to the payment reports to managers/coaches/captains and instructors so they can also keep track of who has and hasn't paid?

Yes. Each feature of the site is broken out so you can give granular access to any feature for any group/team/squad.

Now Tim has more time to spend with his family and do the things he enjoys. The club knows exactly what's been paid and what's owed and now has a system with the right tools for the job so when Tim steps down, the club will find it easier to replace the irreplaceable.

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