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Meet Suzie. Suzie is the safeguarding officer. She's responsible for ensuring the club meets it's safeguarding obligations by keeping up-to-date and accurate information about its members and volunteers.

Keeping accurate records is a challenge. Suzie has to rely on coaches and managers to collect forms and when they're eventually handed to her she finds important information like medical conditions, emergency contact details and declarations left blank which means if something were to happen, the member could be at risk and the club left liable.

Suzie's also knows that managers and coaches don't always carry all the information they need to know about their group so if there was an emergency, they may not have the information they need to hand.

Suzie needed a system that would:

  • Remove the reliance on managers and coaches to collect forms.
  • Ensure members completed all sections on the registration forms.
  • Display at a glance who was registered and therefore covered under the clubs insurance.
  • Allow members, parents and guardians to update information when things changed so the club always had the latest information.
  • Allow managers, coaches and captains to access important information about their members via their smart phone in case of an emergency (as a back-up to hard-copy records).
  • Keep track of DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly CRB), first aid and coaching certificates of club volunteers.

Suzie met Dave. Dave knew how important it was is for clubs to keep membership information up-to-date and accessible to protect its members and officials - that's why Dave built, to help clubs like Suzie's.

With’s online club membership management software:

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Administrators can quickly and easily build online registration forms that require mandatory completion
before members can register or renew

Club membership software - building forms

Can we include declarations on the form like medical or photography consent?

Yes. The forms are fully customisable so you can include any question, statement or declaration. You can also include the clubs code of conduct so when members register they have a link through to the code of conduct and need to tick the box to say they agree before proceeding to register.

Can we embed the registration and member login page in to our website?

Yes. This is done through a simple hyper-link, loading the page in an iframe on your web page (a 10 minute job for a webmaster).

Members, parents / guardians can login to a secure
online account and keep their information up-to-date throughout the year.

Club membership software - member login

Store all the information about members securely in one place
so club officials so can be sure they are working with the latest data.

Club membership software - information in one place

How secure is our data stored on

Very! Click here for more information on how we protect your data.

Does share our information with third parties?

No. We do not sell, rent, lease your data to anyone.

Permission coaches, managers and captains to access
important information like medical conditions and emergency contact.

Club membership software - mobile backup

Keep on top of when DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and first aid certificates expire.

Club membership software - volunteers information

So now Suzie and the club manage their membership online and have a system in place that protects everyone.

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