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Meet Bob. Bob is a busy guy. A family man, a grafter, a player, a coach, a socialiser - a real doer!

Bob manages the membership but doesn't have time to process registration forms, type info in to spreadsheets and chase members for cash. He wants to get the job done fast so he can spend less time on club management and more time doing the things he enjoys.

Bob found the old way of managing the membership was time consuming and labourious so he wanted to find a new way where:

  • Members can update their own info online so he doesn't have to spend hours cross-checking renewal forms with last years spreadsheet.
  • New members can register online so their information is added automatically to the membership list and he doesn't have to re-type info in to spreadsheets.
  • Members can pay online so he doesn't have to spend his evenings reconciling payments and his lunch times making trips to the bank.
  • He can keep track of every penny owed.
  • The club can communicate with members without relying on team captains, managers and coaches to deliver messages.

Then Bob met Dave. Dave knew how much time it took to manage the membership because he'd done it too. That's why Dave built - to help people like Bob spend less time on admin and more time doing the things they enjoy.

With’s online sports club management software:

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Members simply login to their online account, check and update their info and pay. No more filling in spreadsheets!

Who processes the payments when members pay online? comes fully integrated with two market leading payment facilitators; PayPal for card payments and PayPal transfers and GoCardless for Direct Debit payments (UK Customers only). does not hold any banking or card information on your club or your members. For more information on our payment facilitators, click here.

Can members pay by instalments?

Yes, if you enable that option when setting up your membership categories, courses, tours or whatever it is you want to collect money for.

What happens to the money when members pay online?

When members pay by Card (or PayPal balance transfer), the money gets instantly transferred to the club's PayPal account. When accepting payment by Direct Debit, the first transaction by the member takes 6 working days to process through the BACS system and thereafter 3 working days. In all scenarios, deducts it's transaction fees (which include that of the payment provider) so the club receives the net amount. At no stage does hold any of your club funds or has access to any bank or card details of the club or members. Think of us as a club management system wrapped around a payment engine!

Money gets transferred to the club electronically and payments reconciled automatically.Cashflow is improved and there's less trips to the bank.

Is it just subscription payments we can request and receive?

No. You can request and receive payment for anything!

Can we record offline payments on the system, like cash, cheques and other payment methods?

Yes, offline payments can be recorded and the payment reports are updated accordingly so all your payment income is stored in one place.

Authorised officials can access the latest membership and payment information onlineso they can work from anywhere and there's no more batting spreadsheets
between committee members wondering if they're working with the latest copy.

Are there any data protection implications of storing our membership data online?

No. As long as you are using the data provided by your members for the purpose in which they gave you their information (ie. to run the club), there are no data protection implications.

Does sell members information to third parties?

No. We do not sell, rent, lease or let your data stay up past its bed time or watch horror movies.

Where is the data stored and is it backed up?

The data is stored on our dedicated servers which are hosted by 1 & 1 Internet at their purpose built European Data Centre in Germany. Details of the data centre can be found here.  A physical back-up of the data is made each day and stored on a separate secure server.

Authorised officials can access important information like medical conditions
and emergency contact details online via their smart phoneGreat as a back-up in case of emergencies

Can access to information be limited to a particular age group, team or squad?

Yes. The system allows you to specify which group you want to give access to along with features officials will find helpful.

Can we see at a glance who's got access to members information (important from a safeguarding perspective)?

Yes. There is a system group called ‘Administrators' and anyone with access rights will be included in that group.

Members can be kept up-to-date with what's going on via a group email tool that
makes sending targeted, personalised emails quick and easyso no more relying on others to deliver club notices.

For our older junior age groups, club officials sometimes send emails relating to fixtures and events to the junior member. We would like the parent/guardian to be c.c. in to all emails sent to the junior members. Is that possible?

Yes. As long as you have provided a parent/guardian email address, they will be c.c. in to all communication.

When sending out payment requests to junior members, we want to address the email to the parent/guardian. Is that possible?

Yes. As long as you have the parent/guardian name field populated fyou can address your emails accordingly.

Not all our members are on email. Can we send letters to these members through the system?

Yes. The system comes with a mail merge facility that lets you create personalised letters.

So now Bob's club has:

  • Better safeguards in place
  • More money because payments collection rates are up
  • Happy members because they're better informed and love the convenience of paying online.

and Bob and the rest of the committee ? They're happy too because they've got more time to do the things they enjoy.

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We guarantee to reduce membership admin and improve payment collection rates !