• Welcome to the 2018 Exiles Squads

    We need you to register with the club to ensure we have all your details, so we can communicate with you properly, and so you can set up payment details for the club subscriptions.

    Please ensure you register for the section of the club you will be playing for in the 2018 season. Please note for youth players the club registration is not split into Rebels and Outlaws.

    You also need to register with the League, full instructions, and a link to the registration site are here https://bafa.azolve.com/Account.mvc/LogIn

    Any questions, just shout and we’ll try to help!
  • If registering more than one person, please enter the name of the lead member first.

Account set-up not complete. Administrator – please ensure that you have selected how you would like to receive payment and who pays the transaction fees. Go to Admin > Settings to enter this information.